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Gifting Pure Mulberry Silk for the Holidays: Take it Up a Notch

Thinking of gifting cozy and thoughtful items such as a waffle robe, high thread count bedding, or an eye mask? Odds are, the person you’re gifting already has one or two of these already. However, getting any of these items and other wellness essentials in pure silk, 22 momme, is a different story. In thisContinue reading “Gifting Pure Mulberry Silk for the Holidays: Take it Up a Notch”

18 Different Types of Silk: The Ultimate Guide

For the love of silk We enjoy silk. A lot. Maybe a little too much. But how can we not? With so many different types and nuances in texture, drape, and densities, silk is truly yours to discover. Here are common types of silk we’ve featured in our silk goods. We’ve also mentioned a fewContinue reading “18 Different Types of Silk: The Ultimate Guide”

7 Answers to Your Questions About Silk Panties

As we read articles about yeast infections, vaginal health, and how to avoid chafing, a few things stood out. Health experts dismiss silk undies; they associate them with lace and a hefty price tag. In this blog post, we unravel the health benefits of silk panties. First, we scoured the Internet for articles and weContinue reading “7 Answers to Your Questions About Silk Panties”

Mommes, Eh?

What is momme? Momme is the language of silk. When we talk about cotton bedding, we talk about thread count. When we talk about silk, we talk about momme. We use momme (momme) to measure the density of silk.  Cut a 100 yards x 45 inch piece and weigh it (we know you won’t). 19Continue reading “Mommes, Eh?”

How to Take Care of Silk: the Right Way and the Easy Way

To be honest, every time a customer asks me “how to take care of silk”, I struggle a little bit. As a silk retailer, of course I want to give the “right” answer, which can be found everywhere on the Internet. However, as someone who obsessed with silk in the last decade, who has wornContinue reading “How to Take Care of Silk: the Right Way and the Easy Way”

The Accidental Mask Maker

Spring. That’s what was on my mind as I flew from New Orleans back to Toronto last Christmas. As rain turned into snow outside of the cabin window, I wished the warm weather could come sooner. I then spent much of the flight imagining the patio dinners, outings with friends, and my favourite lipsticks andContinue reading “The Accidental Mask Maker”